Fladen loaded tackle box

Fladen loaded tackle box


FLADEN Loaded Saltwater Accessories Box

Incredible value sea rig making compendium with over 500 pieces of essential sea fishing accessories and line packed in a 2 tray cantilever tackle box. Perfect for tying or mending your own shore and boatfishing rigs. Set includes Aberdeen Hooks in sizes 4 up to 3/0,

Stainless steel clips, Pulley slider beads, 4 hole beads, Luminous rig

stops, Sequins, Luminous pop-ups, Pearl beads, Rig springs, Floatingbeads, Crane swivels in sizes 2 and 6, Assorted colour 5mm beads,

Luminous beads, Zip sliders, 238m of 55lb clear line and Spring

scissors all packed in a 2 tray tackle box measuring 27 x 15 x 13cms.

Great Xmas present.

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